Saint Lucia: an inspiration for art

Saint Lucia: An inspiration for art
Saint Lucia: An inspiration for art

Art is capturing a moment in time through the eyes of the artist. 

Saint Lucia is an island full of inspiration. Whether this inspiration leads to the creation of art, literature or music, it is clear to see why so many nations, most notably Britain and France, fought for the island in the 16th Century. As air quality diminishes in the major cities of the world as a result of high levels of pollution, Saint Lucia’s beauty and purity is attracting more and more people longing to escape the over-developed world for a time so that they can taste and enjoy the natural world.

One of the things that is special about Saint Lucia is that every little village and town has its white sandy beach, river or both, in some cases. Its Creole language, and the distinctive smell of barbecued pork and chicken, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, and the sound of country music and dancing completes the uniqueness of a Saint Lucian experience.

Readers comments:

UK: Linda

“Your pictures and words are absolutely enchanting and really bring St. Lucia to life.”

USA: Ruth

“While waiting for our flight back home, I was browsing in the airport shops and saw your book Saint Lucia:an inspiration for art. I had a quick look through it and bought it there and then. I have really enjoyed reading it and admiring your artwork. You have painted so many of the places we visited and it will be a lasting memory for me. So thank you very, very much.”